Bees in Danger

Bee collapse may lead to a global famine

Honey Bees in the USA are being wiped out by a mystery cause. A collapse of honey bee hives has followed the dissappearance of wild bees. This first came to notice in 2006

In europe the same events were recorded in a number of countries in 2007.

The phenomenon has been labelled 'colony collapse disorder' and though there are numerous suspects (fungal infection, global warming, electromagnetic radiation, bee farming practice to name just four ) nobody has yet found out what is really going on.

Researchers are desperately scrambling to find answers that will save the most important crop pollinators on Earth. If we cannot save the bees, the whole world will starve. According to the BBC over the year as a whole (2007) the total bee population fell by 30%

One point of interest is that (according to The Daily Green) in 2004 the World Trade Organization rules forced the USA and Europe to abandon long-standing prohibition on importing bees without special permits and a quarantine period. So, a new trade of beekeepers buying bees from the other side of the planet emerged. Perhaps a virus that did no damage to bees elsewhere is decimating American and European bees. This is not far fetched. Consider the death of native americans from European non-fatal comunicable diseases in the 16th the 19th Centuries.

Under the 'think globally, act locally' umbrella many concerned people are doing what they can to help bees in general. Making a garden bee house is an excellent first step that anybody can take.