CO2 does not hurt the environment

This article looks at the debate over wether Carbon Dioxide really is a greenhouse gas, causing global warming.

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The On 20th February 2005 on BBC Radio 4's programme, the Moral Maze, George Monbiot, the environmental philosopher and commentator said there are 10,000 scientists who are worried about CO2 and global warming and just seven who do not.


Carbon Dioxide levels are certainly rising very fast and the earth's weather does seem to be getting more extreme, but the problem for 'the seven' is that building an accurate model of the earth's climate system is beyond our capabilities at present. Every model we construct is open to charges of incompleteness and therefore open to attack.

Writers at the Origon institute of Science and medicine for example. point out that we are actually rising back to toward the 'global average' temperature, following the mini ice age of the late medieval period.They say there is just a natural adjustment occuring and there is no need to fear it, or to act in a way to try and prevent it.

They also show examples of what they cite as false assumptions, by showing that increasing temperature readings throughout the twentieth century in California are due in part to human population expansion, a factor they say was not acknowledged by proponents of global warming. Furhter they claim that the big rises in CO2 happened after the rise in temperature, and so cannot be a causal factor.

On the other hand, the proponents of global climate change say that those who oppose the theory are incentivised to do so by interested parties such as the oil companies who have a strong vested interest in denying global warming is a man-made phenomnon.

The point to president George W Bush's opposition to the Koyoto environment agreement as possibly being related to the fact (quoted by the BBC) that major oil organisations were big election campain fund contributors.