After a month of testing in our bathroom, the freeplay radio gets a thumbs up.

We really like what the freeplay foundation are doing in developing countries. Providing a low tech infrastructure allows the people to gain some of the benefits of the modern age without incuring the environmental and social costs that the western world is begining to face up to.

How good is a freeplay radio

We did worry that the wind-up products themselves might not live up to expectations, but the freeplay radio really does work perfectly. About thirty turns on the handle provide enough power to listen to about half an hour of radio.

Get one for yourself as an environmentally friendly alternative to all those electronic gadgets that stay plugged in on standby, using up electrical power even when not needed.

How long does a freeplay radio last?

I am glad to give an update to this page to announce our freeplay clockwork radio is now two years old and still works perfectly, despite sitting in the damp atmosphere of our bathroom window shelf.