Funding for green projects.

The government has set aside money to help individuals make their homes more environmentally friendly.

There are government grants available for both insulating homes and for generating heat and power.

If you would like solar panels, wind turbines or simply to lag your loft, why not get the government or your local authority to foot some of the bill?

Grants for Home insulation

You may have already heard about "Warm Front" grants. Warm Front is a government-funded scheme providing grants of up to £2,700 to make homes and more energy-efficient.

Cavity wall insulation is great for preventing heat loss and it lasts many lifetimes, so the government are eager to help families install it into homes all over the country. Grants of around 50% and higher, are available for all home owners and private tenants regardless of income. Grants covering 100% of the costs of cavity wall insulation are available to those on low incomes.

Loft lagging has dropped in price significantly over the last few years but even so, the government offer grants to low income households.

Government grants for Solar Water heating

There is a lot of additional funding coming on stream for solar thermal systems, but the rules are complex. We suggest you speak to Solar Water heating experts such as Freesource who can lead you painlessly through the process.

Basically there are two types of solar heating panel in use in the UK and both qualify for grants from various sources.

Grants for air source heat pumps come under the same umbrella of green power grants. The paperwork for applying for Government grants for Solar Powerand Government Grants for Wind Power is pretty complicated so again we do recommend you speak to an organisation who are well versed in helping clients get the funding.

Government funds for solar power

This rule about checking with the experts also applies to setting up to sell power back to the national grid. The new UK funding allows homeowners who produce excess power and sell it to the grid to receive a preferential rate. However, you cannot just set up the technical aspects and expect a cheque to start dropping through your letterbox. There is a proceedure to go through, and while it has been imroved of late, there are still a few questions that require an expert response. Don't worry, because your professional solar panel installer will be able to guide you through it.