Loft Insulation

Most loft insulation materials work by stopping warm air from moving up through the material.


Loose vermiculite (looks like gravel) is rarely used these days because most people save themselves the expense of getting the professionals in by opting to put in Mineral fibre or fibreglass matting.

The insulation should be 8 inches deep but many older homes have joists just 6 inches deep, so you may need to add height to the joists to allow for the extra space.

Alternatively, sheet insulation can be fixed between the rafters if you want to use the loft space as an extra room.

Why Bother? Because as much as 20% of your bills can be wiped out by effective loft insulation. Loft insulation is, for almost all houses, the most cost effective use of money to help reduce heating bills and needless energy waste.