Make your own electricity

Electricity is essential to the infrastructure of modern living. However, buring fossil fuels like coal and natural gas to generate electricity is not something we can continue to do.

The alternative is to make our own electricity.

As a DIY project it is perfectly possible to generate all your net electrical needs for yourself. These projects also show children the logic and facts behind energy production. We can hope that equipping the next generation with knowledge can only benefit their futures.

Firstly here are five 'kitchen science' projects that generate tiny ammounts of electricity, before we get on to the more serius stuff.

Make a solar cell in your kitchen

A great demonstration of the physics behind solar cells.

How to build your own fuel cell

This example is for demonstration only, showing how fuel cells work to produce electricity.

Fruit Power

Generate electricity from fruit

Build your own model Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

A lovely little model turbine capable of generating 5 watts of power.

Hamster Power

I am not sure of the ethics of using a hamster to generate electricity, but the page is worth looking at because of the detailed plans for making your own fixed magnet generator.

Moving up a notch, we can start to build toys that run on substantial ammounts of electricity.

Build Your Own Solar Car

A nice example of what you can do with shop bought solar pannels.

Wooden wind generator

100 watts of power from a generator built almost entirely of wood in one day.

Then we move on to the real deal.

Large 17 inch Wind Turbine

This wind turbine will supply a house with electricity. It is a truly astounding bit of DIY.

Wind Generator

Here is another small but powerful wind generator. The instructions for this one are more detailed.