Solar panels in the UK - a surprising success



The common wisdom was that solar panels are not the technology for a country so far north and sun free as the United Kingdom. However three new reports turn common wisdom on its head.

The Panels are better than the experts believed.

Solar Panels were believed to have a working life of 20 years. According to the independent EU Energy Institute this was a huge underestimation and the new panels have a life expectancy of 30 years.

This 50% improvement has a big impact on the lifetime return of installing solar panels.

The cost of solar panels is falling

The cost of panels has fallen far more sharply than commentators predicted. This is because of the massive boost to the industry caused by the Chinese domestic solar energy programme. The advantages of mass production on a scale that was unimaginable just a few years ago has allowed market forces to shrink the prices much faster than expected. The latest trends predict that prices of solar panels will continue to fall for a number of years to come. New variant technologies are now expected to appear sooner than predicted too. This is because the chinese growth has allowed more money to be pumped into solar research and development.

Government Legislation

Thirdly, the UK government's subsidy for micro generation which kicked in in spring 2010 allows people with domestic solar panels to sell surplus power to the national grid at a competitive rate. This boosted installation of solar roof panels to record levels.

The combination of these three factors mean that solar panel installers can offer enhancements to your home or business environment that make good economic sense alongside the indesputebale environmental benefits of switching from fossil fuels.

These three factors in combination paint a pretty rosy picture for green energy, the only question is whether it has come in time?